Mario Votan Henriquez is a talented artist and artisan with a passion for murals and paint is merchandise. With over 15 years of experience, his work reflects social, historical, and cultural themes.

About Me

Artist and Artisan

Mario Votan Henriquez work includes murals, street art, clothing designs as well as accessories such as Tees, Mouse Pads, etc. Mario's aspects of Native art passion and devotion for his community. Mario describes his work on his Facebook page as follows: “L.A. is full of art, crime, justice, abuse and many other things like any other city, but this is where we lived, But now New Mexico is his home, so he makes it a beautiful place!” (Votan.) His goal is to provide images of people who look like him and his community so that other Indigenous peoples can relate to his work. “I want to represent that strength, in what we create and what we design.” (Votan.) This is very empowering as he validates a culture that is often ignored. Another aspect of this work that is very astonishing is the fact that he believes in education through art, “We really have lost a lot of that through our history books. We need to educate our kids through our art” (Zeigler.)


Passion for Creativity

Votan IK Creative Works

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Artistic Endeavors

Discover the stories behind my creative endeavors, from the inspiration behind each piece to the techniques used to bring them to life.

Cultural Expressions

Experience the vibrant cultural expressions captured in my artwork. Each project reflects the rich heritage and history of the communities I've worked with.